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Coffee: global exports decreased 8.5% in december

Feb, 07, 2023 Posted by Lillian Smoak

Week 202307

Coffee exports from member and non-member countries of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) totaled 10.88 million 60-kilogram bags in December, the third month of the 2022/23 world harvest, falling 8.5%, compared to 11.89 million bags registered in the same month of 2021.

Exports in the first three months of the season (between October and December) dropped by 2.8%, reaching 30.27 million bags, compared to 31.14 million in the same period of 2021/22.

According to the ICO, Arabica coffee exports totaled 79.67 million bags from January to December 2022, compared to 80.58 million in 2021. Robusta shipments totaled 48.29 million bags, compared to 49.28 million bags.

Source: Rural Channel

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