Container shortage affects sea freight in Brazilian ports

May, 24, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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The lack of refrigerated containers in Brazil is already causing an increase in fruit prices in the international market. Foreign buyers have also begun to purchase the perishable product from other countries, which further spread the supply of metal boxes worldwide. As a consequence, logistics operators seek alternatives to guarantee access to the equipment.

At least four factors are responsible for the lack of refrigerated containers in the country. One factor is a lower supply of refrigerated containers than conventional containers. In addition, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused the closure of ports around the world, caused metal boxes to be impounded in the Northern Hemisphere.

Another problem that aggravated the situation was the stranding of a vessel for six days in the Suez Canal, in Egypt. The record devaluation of the Real in the international market is yet another point to be highlighted.

Now, the high demand for protein in China is also requiring an increasing number of containers, restricting the supply of the equipment for other transport. The solution, more than ever, is to invest in logistical planning to circumvent the problem.

Source:  A Tribuna

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