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Future expansion of Itaqui port discussed in event

May, 26, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

Week 202324

The participation of the Port of Itaqui in the event AgroBalsas 2023 centered on strategic actions for the development of Maranhão through the grain production chain, which involves soy, corn, fertilizers, and fuel. The President of the state port authority EMAP, Gilberto Lins, discussed essential topics for agribusiness in the state.

Sustainable soy production was one of the main topics discussed, highlighting the growing demand for sustainable origin certifications and Maranhão’s role in this context.

During the event, support was reaffirmed for actions that add value to the agribusiness chain, such as the Porto do Futuro program, which aims to support technological development projects and research related to the maritime, port, and logistics sectors. In addition, the MATOPI Friends of the Earth Club creation project was also presented, whose presence ranges from the states of Maranhão, Tocantins, and Piauí.

Additionally, the Port of Itaqui was visited by the CEO of GEES S.A., José Antônio Gorgen, to discuss investments in a new grain and fertilizer terminal. The inauguration of the Petrobahia Fuel Distribution Base in Balsas further strengthens the role of the Port of Itaqui in the region.

These results demonstrate the importance of the Port of Itaqui for Maranhão as a regional and national hub for cargo transportation, especially for grains, fertilizers, and fuels.

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