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ADM in Brazil invests in terminal for the Port of Santos

Jul, 08, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

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According to Tribuna, ADM in Brazil will invest R$69m in its terminal in the Port of Santos. The works and the purchase of equipment are expected to be completed by May 2020; 150 employees were hired for this.

The company’s contribution has already been authorized by an ordinance published by the Ministry of Infrastructure, through the National Secretariat of Ports and Waterway Transportation. It is worth noting that there is no guarantee of the right to economic and financial rebalancing in favor of the lessee.

Planned works

Improvement in the dedusting system of a new moega (a structure that receives goods from train wagons or trucks and directs them to a system of mats) for the railway unloading that is being built and the acquisition of fully automated German robots for the traction of wagons are both among the planned works.

Two of these robots are fully electric and two are diesel-electric. The electric ones are smaller and used to move empty carriages while the diesel-electric one can move loaded wagons.

The replacement of shipping belts and the installation of a dust suppressor are to be expected, in addition to the exchange of the firefighting system.

Another investment will be the increase of security with changes in the access gates to the terminal, which is in Ponta da Praia.

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