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Areia Branca Port emerges as promising option for offshore wind energy

May, 22, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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A port in the city of Areia Branca could be one of the options for offshore wind energy production in Rio Grande do Norte. Roberto Serquiz, the current director and successor of Amaro Sales in the presidency of the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Norte (FIERN), believes that due to the difficulties found in the ports of Natal and Caiçara do Norte, Areia Branca may be the most feasible choice. This proposition was discussed during the organization’s trip to the United Kingdom in early May.

Serquiz stated that conversations with foreign investors were beneficial for expanding the state’s energy prospects, and he identified Areia Branca as a realistic possibility due to the ease of implementing the project.

“The Port of Areia Branca would be a more immediate option, serving as a gateway to the offshore sector. It could even serve as a testing ground for us to move forward,” said Serquiz.

As the newly elected president of FIERN, Serquiz emphasized that the planning for Areia Branca would not hinder the RN government’s proposal for Porto Verde in Caiçara do Norte. However, the situation in Natal is more complex due to natural difficulties.

“We have a Port in Natal that faces several challenges: the issue of the customs area, draft restrictions, ship maneuverability, the bridge, and marine defenses. So, we have two projects: one on the left bank of the river (a new port) and the government’s proposed Porto Verde in Caiçara do Norte.”


A delegation consisting of representatives from the leading industrial and commercial sectors in Rio Grande do Norte visited the United Kingdom from April 28th to May 6th. This international mission, which included visits to Manchester, Newcastle, Hull, and London, aimed to strengthen relations with investors and gain more knowledge about the offshore energy sector for the state. During the trip, they had the opportunity to observe the operation of offshore wind farms, explore potential business opportunities, showcase the Brazilian and Potiguar potential in the field, and explore possible partnerships with British companies and institutions.

Source: Agora RN

To read the original report, visit: https://agorarn.com.br/ultimas/porto-de-areia-branca-ponto-de-partida-para-energia-offshore-diz-diretor-da-fiern/

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