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Authorities attend opening of the 27th Intermodal South America

Mar, 01, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The opening of the 27th edition of Intermodal South America was attended by authorities and representatives of industry associations, who gathered there to discuss the challenges and advances of Brazilian logistics. The COO of Informa Markets, Nicholas Owen, highlighted the economic recovery that the country is experiencing and the importance of discussing the so-called Brazil cost. “Last year, the ‘Brazil cost’ depleted 3% of GDP. Investment in infrastructure is the only remedy to improve this situation and position the country among major international players. Intermodal is the sector’s main meeting point to have this debate.”

The Minister of Ports and Airports, Márcio França, highlighted the humanitarian importance that aviation and national ports have in Brazil. “We are taking 16 days to deliver food to the Yanomami people when it could be done in a few hours if there was more infrastructure in the region. The aid that reached the northern coast of São Paulo after the downpours were shipped through the Port of Santos, attesting to the importance of having public ports.”

In addition to expanding the waterway infrastructure and anticipating studies on conditions and climate changes that may interfere in the sector, França reaffirmed the need for investment in offshore ports, allowing the berthing of large vessels without high dredging investments.

According to the Minister of Transportation, Renan Filho, investing in technology and quality in strategic works should be a priority for the Ministry, as well as advancing the discussion over tax reform for the sector.

“It is necessary to reestablish some economic parameters because, today, we invest less than 2% of the GDP in infrastructure, which is very little given the size of Brazil. Therefore, the tax reform should also begin with adjustments that may promote the sector’s development. By 2023, we will have invested resources proportional to four years in transportation, representing a breakthrough for the population and companies in the logistics chain,” the minister stated.

The general director of the National Waterway Transportation Agency (Antaq), Eduardo Nery, stated that the Ministry’s initial priority is the development of Brazilian waterways. According to the director, a study is already underway for the country’s first concession of the kind. “We are carrying out studies to evaluate the concession of the Brazil – Paraguay waterway, which should favor the outflow of grains and bilateral relations between the two countries. This is a pioneering initiative in the area.”

The 27th Edition of Intermodal South America ends this Thursday, the 2nd.

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