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Brazil’s reefer container exports fall as pandemic leads to shortage of such equipment

Apr, 12, 2020 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is the scarcity of reefer containers. This is because, since the epidemic began in China in December 2019, and affected the economy and port operations in the Asian country, there has been a decrease in the number of vessels leaving this country.  This has caused an accumulation of reefer containers, leading to a worldwide shortage.

DataLiner data shows that Brazilian reefer container exports fell between December 2019 and January and February of this year.  In December, Brazil exported 59,850 TEUs in reefer containers. In January, there were 48,376 TEUs and February, 47,283 TEUs.

For Argentina, in December 2019 17,090 TEUs were exported. That number dropped to 13,818 TEUs in January and 16,791 TEUs in February. The graph below shows the historical trend of reefer container movement in Brazil and Argentina:

Source: DataLiner

Regarding tank containers, there was also a drop in exports in Brazil. In December 2019, 3,314 TEUs were exported. In January, that number dropped to 3,145 TEUs and February to 2,971 TEUs. In Argentina, 824 TEUs were exported in December 2019, 720 TEUs in January 2020 and 769 TEUs in February.

The following chart shows the historical trend of tank movement in Brazil and Argentina:

Source: DataLiner


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