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Gross Value of Agricultural Production in 2023 is estimated at R$ 1.216 trillion

May, 16, 2023 Posted by Lucas Lorimer

Week 202323

Based on April’s crop information, the Gross Value of Agricultural Production (VBP) for 2023 is estimated at R$ 1.216 trillion, 4.7% higher than the value for 2022, which was R$ 1.161 trillion.

Crops are forecast to earn R$868.96 billion, which is the highest Gross Value of Agricultural Production since 1989. The real growth of the VBP for crops is 8% in relation to 2022.

The forecast for livestock farming is R$ 347.9 billion in revenues, with a 2.6% reduction in relation to last year.

The group of products formed by sugar cane, beans, oranges, corn, soy, and tomatoes, presents a record income this year. Among these, corn, soy, and sugar cane represent 72.8% of the VBP of the crops.

Other products that have shown good performance are peanuts (11.2%), bananas (14.0%), cocoa (8.2%), sugar cane (10.1%), cassava (37.3%), corn (6.5%), soybeans (10.5%), tomatoes (13.3%), beans (20.9%) and oranges (28.3%).

Livestock markets have been favorable for pigs, eggs, and milk. Beef and chicken have presented a retraction in the VBP this year. In the livestock sector, prices are on the rise for pigs, milk, and eggs.

Agricultural prices are above last year’s for several relevant products, such as peanuts, rice, bananas, cocoa, sugar cane, beans, oranges, cassava, and tomatoes.


The international market generated export revenues of U$50.6 billion from January to April (Agrostat, 2023).

Particularly benefited from international trade were the states of Mato Grosso. with, 21.4% of exports, São Paulo 15.3%, Paraná. 10.81%, Rio Grande do Sul 9.17% and Minas Gerais 8.58%.

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