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Santos receives 120-wagon train loaded with soy

Jun, 07, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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The Port of Santos received a train with 120 wagons loaded with soy on June 3rd. The cargo originated in the railway terminals of Rio Verde and São Simão, in Goiás. The unprecedented operation marked the beginning of tests that could boost the transport of grains sent for export via the maritime complex.

The trip started on May 30th. First, a train with 40 loaded wagons began its journey at Rumo’s multimodal terminal in Rio Verde. Afterward, another 80 wagons were coupled at another company facility in São Simão.

According to the company, of the 120 wagons that arrived at the Santos pier, 40 followed the right bank (Santos). These were partially unloaded at the terminal in the Outeirinhos region, operated by Rumo, and another portion at Terminal 12A, in Paquetá.

The other 82 wagons followed the left bank (Guarujá). In this case, the unloading took place at the Guarujá Bulk Terminal (TGG).

The integration between the two terminals operated by Rumo was possible after investments of R$ 711 million in infrastructure works. This corridor connects Goiás to the Port of Santos through the connection between the North-South Railway and the Paulista Network.

Source: The Tribune

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