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Sao Luis Port Terminal breaks cargo throughput record in 2022

Jan, 24, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The São Luís Port Terminal (TPSL), managed by VLI – a logistics solutions company that operates railroads, ports, and terminals – recorded an increase in cargo throughput in 2022. Approximately 5.4 million tonnes of general cargo was transported, the largest volume since 2015, a year after the company started operating the terminal, with 4.9 million tonnes. The historic marker reflects the growth of activities in the North Corridor, which runs the outflow of grain production from Matopiba (Maranhao, Tocantins, Piaui, and Bahia), Mato Grosso, Pará, and Goiás through Port Terminal Sao Luis via the North-South Railroad (FNS).

TPSL’s cargo mix includes mineral inputs and agribusiness cargo, with a focus on grains, specifically soybeans, and corn. The circulation of this type of cargo increased by 900 thousand tonnes in comparison to 2021. The terminal’s record performance is due to advancements in grain production, integrated logistics operations, and management focused on customer experience excellence. Furthermore, reasonable operating rates, shorter waiting and boarding times, and line-up predictability contribute to TPSL’s growth.

“With the growth of production in the country’s north, VLI works to expand its operational capacity and serve the region’s producers by providing an exceptional customer experience. To that end, the company is committed to continuous process improvement, ensuring that operations are more efficient and productive,” said Douglas Marques, the VLI’s general manager of terminal operations and ports.

In addition to soybeans and corn, pig iron, manganese, and ores are transported by TPSL, which originate in Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí, Bahia, and Pará. They arrive at the terminal through the VLI concession on the northern section of the North-South Railway (FNS) and through the Carajás Railway (EFC), where the company operates by right of way. The operations take place entirely by railroads and are connected with the Integrator Terminals of Palmeirante (TIPA), Porto Franco (TIPF), and Porto Nacional (TIPN), also utilized by VLI.

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