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Suape announces docking of largest cargo vessel to sail Pernambuco

Mar, 17, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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On March 11, a record was broken at the Pernambuco-based Port of Suape with the arrival of boxship APL Dublin.

347.29 meters long and 45.28 meters wide, the ship APL Dublin, owned by CMA CGM, is capable of transporting 10,700 20-foot containers—the large size guarantees outstanding cargo throughput.

Information from the Port of Suape press office indicates that more than 1,500 containers at the APL Dublin were handled during the vessel’s stay in Pernambuco, both in terms of cargo loading and off-loading.

The ship is one of the largest to operate in Brazil and remained berthed in Suape until March 13.

The MSC NEW HAVEN, measuring 333.9 meters and capable of transporting up to 8,084 20-foot containers, had been the most recent record in ship size until now. The vessel docked in Suape in July 2022.

The port of Suape says the capacity and structure can accommodate ships of up to 366 meters in length and with the capacity to transport up to 14,000 20-foot containers. Therefore, there is a chance the record may be beaten again soon.

Source: Jornal do Comércio

To read the original news piece, check: https://jc.ne10.uol.com.br/colunas/jamildo/2023/03/15200009-exclusivo-porto-de-suape-recebe-maior-navio-de-carga-atracado-em-pernambuco.html

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