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The Cap San Antonio returns to Santos after destroying Santos-Guarujá ferry berth

Jun, 24, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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With the help of four tugboats, the Cap San Antonio returned to the Port of Santos on Thursday, June 24. The container ship will be moored at the dock of Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP), in Alemoa, where its containers will be unloaded on Friday, June 25.

The ship is 333 meters long and 48 meters wide. Last Sunday, when leaving the Santos pier, the freighter collided with a berth on the Santos-Guarujá ferry crossing and destroyed it.

After the accident, the vessel was moved to the anchorage area in Barra de Santos, as determined by the Port Authority of São Paulo (CPSP). The Maritime Authority also demanded a statement from an authoritative body attesting to the vessel’s seaworthiness.

With the docking at BTP, around 900 containers must be unloaded. The cargo, which was destined for the port of Paranaguá (PR), will be delivered by the Maersk shipping company to customers.

The Cap San Antonio is yet to be inspected by CPSP teams, who are investigating the causes of the accident. Afterward, the freighter will undergo the necessary repairs to continue its journey.

“The necessary repairs to the ship are also being coordinated so that it can resume its itinerary and sail to the port of Paranaguá as quickly as possible. The company remains at the disposal of the authorities and is in frequent communication with those in charge of the investigation”, highlighted Maersk, in a statement.

Source: The Tribune

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