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Ultracargo opens terminal in Vila do Conde (PA)

Jan, 05, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Ultracargo arrived in the Northern region of Brazil with the inauguration of a liquid bulk terminal at the Port of Vila do Conde (PA). Operations were initially scheduled to start in 2022, but they have been postponed by one year. The company emphasizes its commitment to the advancement of Brazilian port logistics and says that the new terminal will contribute to the development of the local economy.

The Vila do Conde terminal has 17 tanks with a total capacity of 110 thousand cubic meters. This adds 14% to the company’s total storage capacity. Increasing the volume from 883 thousand cubic meters to 1 million cubic meters. According to the company, this figure already represents more than 30% of the liquid bulk port market in Brazil, which currently has 17 companies participating.

The terminal will handle chemicals, petrochemicals, fuels, and biofuels. It also features four loading platforms, two unloading platforms, a road scale, and 120m³/h of cargo flow.

Décio Amaral, Ultracargo’s president, declared that the company’s presence in the state of Pará is important in terms of amplifying its reach into regions with substantial growth potential. “The Port of Vila do Conde efficiently links the region with other territories on top of serving as a gateway to fuels. The new terminal will corroborate with the development of liquid bulk storage economy in Pará,” he adds.

Source: Frota & Cia

To read the full complete article please visit: https://www.frotacia.com.br/ultracargo-inaugura-terminal-no-porto-de-vila-do-conde/

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