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Argentina’s blueberry and pear markets look promising

Feb, 14, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

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Yesterday, Wild Cosmos set sail from the maritime terminal at the Port of San Antonio towards Russia, with 5,000 tons of William’s pears in its cargo, marking the beginning of the fruit export season. Prior to the Russia bound shipment, a previous vessel carried 2,300 tons of pears destined for Europe. However, pear exports have suffered delays due to unpredictable climate factors in the Upper Valley. Patagonia Norte, the terminal’s concessionaire believes that 175,000 pallets of pears will be shipped this year, up 10,000 pallets year-on-year.

In the meantime, Entre Rios provincial government along with local companies participated in the Fruit Logistics Fair in Berlin to promote blueberries to export markets including China. The event resulted in the reduction of import tariffs from 30 to 15% by the Chinese government. More companies from Entre Rios have expressed interest in participating in the upcoming Fruit Logistics Fair in China, scheduled for May this year.

DatamarNews reported Argentina’s export of apples and pears grew 25% to 407,000 tons in 2018, year-on-year. Of the total amount shipped last year, nearly 313,000 tons were pears while apples reached 95,000 tons.

The following DataLiner graph shows the country’s apple, pear and quince export trends for the last ten-years with seasonal effects: 




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