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Brazilian poultry industry works to avoid trade embargoes amid avian influenza cases

May, 22, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Brazil still maintains its sanitary status as “free of highly pathogenic avian influenza.” There have been five cases of the disease reported in wild birds, with four in Espírito Santo and one in Rio de Janeiro. This is limited to wild birds only, and commercial poultry remains unaffected, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

Ricardo Santin, President of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association, highlighted the ongoing negotiations with trading partner countries since 2020 to prevent trade embargoes in the event of an outbreak. “In terms of chicken meat alone, we export to over 150 countries, and approximately 135 have already agreed to shift from declaring the country’s disease-free status to adopting regionalization, zoning, or compartmentalization approaches, isolating only the affected areas,” he explained.

Eduardo dos Santos, President of the Associação Gaúcha de Avicultura (Asgav), emphasized the importance of dialogue with commercial partners and implementing biosecurity measures to sustain trade and avoid social consequences. He noted that in Rio Grande do Sul alone, there are 260 municipalities whose economy relies on the poultry sector, emphasizing the potential harm of imposing an embargo on an entire state.

Regarding the ongoing debate about bird vaccination against the disease, Santin emphasized the priority of eradicating the outbreak. He stated, “It is important to note that the National Poultry Health Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, in conjunction with the State Agriculture Secretariats, governs the protocols. Therefore, acceptance of vaccination is subject to commercial discussions.”

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