Weg to invest BRL 660 mln in factories and export units in Brazil

Sep, 28, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Weg, an electrical engineering company headquartered in Brazil, announced on Tuesday, September 27, that it will invest over BRL 660 million over the next three years in expanding its production capacity of industrial and electric traction motors in Brazil. The investments shall bring Weg’s industrial engine production capacity up to 25%.

Investments will be directed to two areas: components and export logistics and industrial engines aimed at electric mobility. According to the company, the project should generate around 800 new jobs.

“These investments are fundamental for WEG’s growth in the future, as they considerably expand our manufacturing capacity to meet the demands of assembly lines and commercial branches abroad and strongly empower us in Brazil to meet the growing demand for electric mobility,” says in a note, Alberto Kuba, director superintendent of industrial engines at Weg.

Expansion projects

The area of the buildings where the export products are manufactured will undergo an expansion of 23,000 m². The measure aims to be able to meet the international market demand estimated for the coming years.

In the field of electric motors, Weg plans to build a new factory in the Jaraguá do Sul industrial park, where the Brazilian company’s headquarters are located. The unit will increase the production of engines to serve the electric mobility segment.

The completion of the factory, which will reach 18,000 m² of built area, is scheduled for 2024. The project foresees a gradual and continuous expansion in the company’s production capacity in the coming years.

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