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Asia Shipping uses NOR containers to make up for the lack of equipment

May, 12, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The lack of containers in the maritime transportation business continues to be a challenge for large companies in the import and export market. A survey conducted by the Windward platform, which specializes in maritime transport, says that one in five container ships is stopped in congested ports, with 24.3% in China.

To ameliorate this scenario, Asia Shipping, a Brazilian multinational focused on freight forwarding, is using NOR-type containers in some of its operations, that is, the same containers used in the transportation of refrigerated cargo (reefer), but with its engine turned off.

“As the meat market heated up, reefer containers became increasingly popular in Brazil. When importing, we started using NOR with other customers to reduce terms and equipment inventories. We can now serve a variety of industries, including automotive, textiles, and electronics, thanks to this new service, says Dantas.

The multinational began its freight forwarding activities in 1996 and, in 2005, was already a leader in maritime imports. In 2008, it started working with customs clearance operations. Three years later, the company began transporting Project Cargo and holding storage. Last year alone, it handled more than 422,000 TEUs, especially in the automotive sector.

Source: Cargo News

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